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qualitydissertation.co.uk review

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qualitydissertation.co.uk review and discounts


Today we are looking through an assignment and dissertation writing service. The design is pretty simple, it is not overloaded with any additional software to be able to view the content or graphic (textual) information and there is a standard navigation panel. You may view services, prices, about the company information, a blog and contact information.


The simplicity of the web service`s usage is beneficial. It makes it to where a visitor who is a potential customer is able to find what s/he is looking for shortly after entering the service. People sign in seeking for help but not to have a traveling tour. There is a phone number to dial in case of any questions to appear. The company works in the sphere of student’s assistance for 12 years now. There are 105 writers working for the service.


The service looks good but the quality of products is not that good. I applied for help several times and every new paper coming up is worse than the previous one. I needed an essay, a coursework and a dissertation. Let alone the quality of paper the delivery is expired in most cases. There is a huge percentage of plagiarism. Each paper I got contained more and more plagiarism and it is shocking.

Quality of paper

Like I said, the quality of paper leaves something to be desired. It seems to me that those 105 “professional” writers are actually students because the quality is too low. The range of provided services is wide enough and I think the management could think over harder concerning the quality of products they provide with because things should not be like this and if a service calls itself professional, it has to answer the description.

Policy of price

In the prices tab, there is a table with prices in accordance with required word count, timeline; there are also initial deposits and a pricing for everything. 20% discount is available on dissertation and assignment help booking. If to speak in terms of pricing, shinydissertation.com/ is better because it is truly affordable.

Order details

A customer or just a visitor may contact the service quickly through leaving a message, attaching a file, putting in one`s name and Email. This is it. This is the simplest way of placing an order I have ever seen in my entire life for the period of time when I happened to use assistance of online services specializing on academic help.


At a glance, the service is nicely looking. Its navigable feature works well. It is fast at loading and does not require any special software to see its content but the quality of papers is dissatisfactory. It is not very good for a company providing with this many of services. Finance-, marketing-, business assignments are not that easy to accomplish and outside assistance is something many would ask for due to no experience in mentioned areas. Impossibility to perform in a befitting way decreases the chances to be applied for help next time.

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