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londonproofreaders.co.uk review

Editor's Rating:

londonproofreaders.co.uk review and discount code


The sire looks reliable and nice. Though it is very simple, it does not look overloaded with useless information. From the first sight, it creates a positive impression. Let us see what is in reality.


As one can see, the company is oriented only on proofreading services. It is interesting that two persons will proofread your paper. Do you think it is profitable for proofreaders? Or one of them will receive less money than usual? Or the customer will have to pay the double price so that both persons could be compensated for the work done? As for me, it is an important questions. Of course, all online services claim that they are customer oriented, but I do not believe that a professional editor will work for a low rate or for free. Who knows, maybe they employ proofreaders without experience who just want to improve their skills? Do you want to be experimental subject for a ‘green-editor’? The choice is yours!


One more disadvantage that I discovered was that the site accepts only papers of 5000 words and more! It is not fair! What if I want to check the quality provided on my dissertation introduction and it is just 1100 word long?! Moreover, they divide customers into native speakers and foreign students. And if you are a Foreign/ESL student – you will have to pay from £10.99 per 1,000 words! But, being a Native speaker is more beneficial – from only £8.99 per 1,000 words. Such a discrimination!
But, if you believe this service, two experts will check your paper for £8.99 per 1,000 words. By the way, I know sites that are ready to help no matter how long your document is. Even if you have just 275 words. I am talking about Editing Writing Services.

Quality of work

As you have understood, I am an international student and my English is not perfect at all. I cannot hand in my papers without professional help. I need proofreading that is why I am in search of reliable and good proofreading service. And, LondonProofreaders did not meet my expectations. My paper was changed and main idea was lost! I did not ask them to paraphrase the text, just correct grammatical and punctuation mistakes with the word flow. I guess that editors from this site do not know the difference between editing, proofreading and rewriting. I was very disappointed and I had to apply for help to another company. I could not use the paper that was provided by this site, because my main ideas were cut out …

Quality of support

I cannot say anything about support, because nobody replied to my messages. They do not have online chat and it is very difficult to reach Administrator.


I must admit that is was my first and last time I used LondonProofreaders services. The company seems to be reliable and experienced, but in fact, they cannot provide thorough proofreading!

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