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myessayservices.com review

Editor's Rating:

myessayservices.com review and discounts


Writing here is extremely cheap. And low prices make me imagine some Indian people sitting at very old computer screens and writing in poor English.


Writing and editing – these are the two types of services this company offers. In my opinion, this website looks a bit outdated; different but really outdated, not in a pleasant way. However, at this old-looking website, they provided a price calculator that works fine, and they also included main questions in FAQ section, which I’m thankful for. But their form of the order and shopping list in which items are just added together do not sit well with me.


I did not notice live chat option, but I think that it would fit here perfectly, because it enables to solve the issues in a short time. However, they have a phone number to call and of course email communication is there too.


The price for writing seems rather laughable. So my research proposal with deadline of 24 hours would cost only $18.88 per page; it’s for Bachelor level. To be quite honest, I could not believe that writing would be that cheap! How is this possible even? And what kind of paper will I receive if I order at that price? Just in comparison, I saw that at other websites the price for a paper like that would be $30 plus. No no, I would not even risk to order writing at this price. It just makes me doubt the qualifications of the writers who agree to work at low prices. At the same time editing service here costs just as much as writing. So pricing policy of this company does not make any sense to me at all.


There are many deadline options available, but I was not interested anymore, because I was pushed away by extremely low prices for writing.


In my personal opinion, high quality writing cannot be cheap. When I see overly low prices, I always imagine some Indian people sitting at very old computer screens and writing in poor English. Maybe I’m wrong, but honestly, I can’t expect a respectful writer to work at low and inadequate pay.


Unbelievably cheap writing is the main feature of this website – frightening feature. Another distinguishing feature is that prices for editing service are exactly the same as prices for writing. Something is wrong with logic at this website.

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