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assignmentarena.co.uk review

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assignmentarena.co.uk review and discounts

Never believe those sites where you see the stamp 100% satisfaction guarantee. I am so tired of it, as usually they are offering far from perfect service. Such thing appeared with the service assignmentarena.co.uk. And note that I ordered the top quality and paid $30 for every page of my paper.

Shame on me that I have not read carefully their Terms and Conditions; I have not checked their site thoroughly and have not found the feedbacks about this service. I was too impressed with their bright design and didn’t pay much attention to the “filler”.

First of all, I would like to tell, that their support agents are working terribly. First, when I saw that they are offline I thought, that maybe they have a break or something, but this appeared all the time. Only once they were online and when I asked the question I waited so long for the answer, so I simply closed the chat, as I was angry!
Even when they offline, they are writing “we will try to get back to you”. Maybe they tried that badly, as I received no replies, despite the fact, that I have written them several messages. And I am not a lamer, I checked the spam folder – nothing. Simply nothing. They don’t care about their Clients.

The paper they gave me was out from my instructions; the writer just wrote what he decided to write, ignoring my own preferences. So, I understood that there is nothing to do here and made changes by myself, as I was really afraid of the deadline missing. As I am not strong in grammar, that’s why I enlisted the services of the company 24 Hour Essays – my friend offered me them, as he constantly use their services. They edited me the paper and now everything is ok.

So, what I would like to say – I have got the stressful several days because of them, and they spoiled me my nerves and my mood. If you wish the same experience or you are a masochist, you can try it, but I will never, never again.

Have you ever placed an order with www.assignmentarena.co.uk/ before?

assignmentarena.co.uk review

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